5. When I try to log in nothing happens.

Have you cut and pasted the password into the password box from your e-mail. Sometimes an 'O' can look like a '0' (One is a capital O, for Orange, the other is a zero) or an I can look like an l (one’s a lower case L and the other an upper case i) if you cut and paste then this won’t happen. Everything must be in exactly the same upper and lower case to work, this is to make your account more secure. If you copy and paste make sure you select the password exactly as when doing this we have found very often that problems are caused when an extra space is added at the end of the copied password

Otherwise you have cookies blocked on your web browser. ( In Microsoft Internet Explorer go to the “Tools” Menu, select “Internet Options” then the “Privacy” tab. In the “Settings” box click “Advanced…” and make sure that you are not blocking cookies. Press the “OK”’s until you’re back at the browser.

The admin must have cookies available to work.

If you are still having problems then please contact us by leaving a message

Last updated: 2016-09-16 00:00:00

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