The emails for me to click to make my reviews go live haven't arrived!

The website sends me the same e-mail as it sends you when you place a review so I am kept informed too. If I have received the e-mails then it must have sent them to you also. And as e-mail works on the basis that if an e-mail is unable to be delivered then it is returned to the sender with an error message then it could not have been rejected if no error has been received. The most likely cause of this error is some part of the ISP that you use for you e-mail is possibly identifying ( incorrectly! ) the e-mail sent as spam and dropping it in the spam section of your e-mail program. If you access your e-mail account via your web browser you probably have several areas you can see such as ‘sent’, ‘received’, ‘drafts’, ‘spam’, etc. Are the e-mails in the ‘spam’ ? Some programs automatically delete them after a few days and some ISPs just don’t let them in full stop. It’s hard to be completely accurate as there are so many different systems.

We’ve only had one incident with the Norfolk Gig Guide of somebody not receiving their confirmation e-mail and this was the reason and in my job as a web designer for many years now, whenever somebody doesn’t receive and e-mail that somebody else definitely sent, this is, more often than not, the reason too.

Last updated: 2016-09-16 00:00:00

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