Our photo is just a blur but other bands have great big clear pictures so what is their secret??

I use Photoshop but photo paint, gimp and other image software is perfectly capable. You just open the original, set it to the correct pixels wide in the size option and save it. The image must be in RGB format and never increase the size in this sort of software. If you reduce the picture too much you will need to open the original image again and start afresh because the detail you lose when making the image small cannot be added back in just by increasing the image size. Working with GIF files will not allow the software to smooth over the edges when changing size as they are not in RGB format. Resizing the image in the edit box of the website will also distort the image, always upload the image at the size you wish to use it for best results. When saving an image in Photoshop or similar use the JPEG format but pay attention to the quality setting, JPEGs can be balanced between file size ( low for quick loading ) and the picture quality ( high for great quality ).

Last updated: 2006-01-24 00:00:00

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