Audio Junkie

Covers that you never knew you wanted!

Audio Junkie are a guilty listening pleasure for those that have seen and heard them. You'll never know what's coming next. A tune from an advert, that song you heard playing in the Cafe on Eastenders or perhaps a track you haven't heard in ages and ages... you might not know the words but you know that bit in the chorus and all of a sudden you're singing along to the Backstreet Boys or Primal Scream or Katy Perry or perhaps a fabulous one hit wonder or Eurovision Winner.

How does a three piece band sound so huge? Take a tune add a drop of Rum and the adrenaline of a bungee jump top off with big vocals and dirty guitars and the night is sorted....

Go on you know you want to...
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21 June 2024. Times: 17:00-23:00
Golf Links Road, Morley, Wymondham, Norfolk

31 August 2024. Times: 20:00-22:00
Elsing Road, Swanton Morley, NR20 4NY

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