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Eric Taylor is a master storyteller and has been one of the finest southern songwriters for the last four decades. Influencing such well-known artists as Nanci Griffith, Lyle Lovett (both of whom have covered several of his songs) and Steve Earle, Taylor tours extensively throughout North America and Europe. He has appeared on Austin City Limits, Late Night With David Letterman, NPR's "Morning Edition" and "Mountain Stage" and BBC Radio. A mesmerizing performer whose shows will leave you wanting more.


"Taylor may sing of the past, of bar rooms and hay fields and even Johnny Cash, but his characters want the same things we do. They want love and redemption. They want some fun and happiness. They want respect and sometimes even a little vengeance. Taylor's people are just like us, it's just that their tales are exquisitely told." – Al Kaufman, Atlanta Music Guide

"I'm always the opening act when I'm around Eric. I love his voice, and he has a great narrative quality and sense of detail. He sort of takes you out of your own reality and into the reality of his songs. It's good writing no matter how you cut it." – Lyle Lovett

"He's the real deal. Eric Taylor was one of my heroes and teachers when I started playing around Houston in the early 1970s." – Steve Earle

"If you have yet to experience an Eric Taylor concert, if you love the sort of songwriting that changes your perspective while enthralling to the point of making you forget to breathe, if you love storytelling that is never predictable or derivative and akin to the best fiction-writing, if you love guitar work that is never flashy but always brilliant, if you love discovering an artist that is singularly of his own mold, then Eric Taylor is your man.” – Denise Williams, Hillbilly Haiku House Concerts

"Taylor’s songs read like novels snipped to their essence. They side-step classification and yet compel rapt attention. They summon grit to the point of beauty. Likewise, Taylor’s music bears imprints of a style for which no official genre exists.” – Tom Netherland, Bristol Herald Courier

"I discovered Taylor last January when he visited Tallahassee for a house concert with David Webb, a former Tallahassee keyboardist who now lives in Austin, Texas. Webb convinced me to attend and I became an instant convert after listening to Taylor’s tales about knife-throwers, circus performers, train crashes, whooping cranes, midgets, Hollywood washouts, Beat literature icon Dean Moriarty and people who’ve been knocked around by life. Taylor’s wistful songs are really just perfectly condensed short stories set to music. The man is a true master." – Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat

"Eric Taylor came on the stage at the Maze in Nottingham without any ceremony. He started a little blues riff on his blond acoustic guitar (a beautiful-sounding, handmade 'Ross-Kinscherff'). He played for his audience but never to the crowd. He didn't look for cliched climaxes or manufactured endings. It was always an intimate gig, a reflective affair, an evening for devotees…I went with a couple of players, guys who know the mysteries of dadgad, who understand a little about the merits of a B string dropped down to A and the quiet craft of a good song well written. They stood either side of me and looked mean if they thought I was going to be critical in any way. They kept pointing out things, making sure I understood; they wanted the man looked after. Eric Taylor seems to inspire that sort of devotion, that sort of affection, that sort of regard; like he is an endangered species – maybe he is." – Maverick magazine (UK)

"Eric Taylor is one of the few artists I've ever seen with a greatness that wreathes about him as he takes the stage, no matter what size the venue. An audience instinctively knows to shut up and pay attention. This is a man who takes the art of songwriting – and the art of performance – seriously. And, at the end of the set, the audience will have been transported some place and back again. Eric taylor doesn't just make you feel the sun and taste the dust of Texas, he takes you places and puts you inside people's minds. From prison inmates trying to fathom the jumble of their lives to little kids watching their family implode, Eric Taylor makes it real. Aspiring – and accomplished – songwriters leave Eric Taylor shows shaking their heads with awe. And well they should." – Charlie Hunter, Flying Under Radar Productions

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